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Student/teacher netball

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On Tuesday of Week 5, we hosted our first event within the annual Year 12 vs Teachers competition. This has been a welcomed addition to our program and it reinforces the special bond that exists between our Year 12 students and their teachers. Spread across two separate courts, four teams competed with the entire student body spectating. The atmosphere was infectious as both games were extremely close. Our students were tipped favourites leading into this event however, the teachers managed to hold their own and came away with a draw by winning on one of the courts. Regardless of the outcome, this was a special opportunity for our students to connect with their teachers, role model positive behaviours and cement a ‘rite of passage’ that our younger students look forward to in the future. Our next event will be basketball in Week 3 of Term 2.

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus