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This department cover Years 7-12 and currently encompasses:

  • English (7-10)

  • VCE English Language

  • VCE Literature

  • VCE English

The study of English is integral to our students’ learning at Gippsland Grammar. We foster a learning environment that is stimulating, challenging and fun for our students to experience the study of language and literature. We aim to promote a passion for the English language and a love for learning that continues throughout life.

We see success in reading, writing and speaking as critical for successful literacy across the curriculum. Our students are therefore encouraged to develop and extend their skills in reading, writing and speaking through a range of activities, in and out of the classroom. Additionally our literature studies enhance our students’ appreciation for reading across a range of genres and text types, including digital texts. An understanding of the power of language through analysis with specific reference to grammar, word usage, the sound system and discourse and stylistic features when communicating is taught explicitly to support the students’ growing awareness of the choices made by speakers and writers as they communicate in a variety of contexts.

Our programs develop creativity of expression and scholarly exploration of a range of text types. We foster critical thinking, visual and digital literacy, and encourage our students to become curious and independent learners. We work closely with all students to assist them to realise their potential as effective communicators in written and spoken English.

The aims of the Australian Curriculum are realised within the English curriculum, from Prep through to Year 10; this is the foundation on which the further study of VCE English, English Language and Literature is based, as well as providing pathways to further education, training and employment opportunities.