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International Students

Gippsland Grammar is an Anglican school community, committed to opportunity and excellence.

Gippsland Grammar 学校隶属于澳大利亚圣公会学校联盟,学校致力于提供给学生充满机会和挑战的教育,以追求卓越。

Our Vision is to develop the cognitive, socio-emotional and learning dispositions of our students to enable them to take their place as global citizens and leaders within a digital world.


It is our goal that every child who attends Gippsland Grammar will find an area within the School program in which they can find their personal level of success, motivation and engagement. Whilst our school retains a strong academic focus, we are committed to the development of the whole child.


Students develop personally and intellectually through the many and varied opportunities and experiences offered at Gippsland Grammar. We work closely with parents and families to help our students to develop their passions.

Gippsland Grammar 提供各种学术机会、实践机会和创造机会,使学生德智体得以全面发展;同时,学校加强与家长及家庭成员的紧密合作,培养学生对学习和生活的热爱。

Our website offers a small snapshot of the many activities and programs offered at Gippsland Grammar and, more importantly, the warm and wonderful school culture that has been developed and nurtured over the long and rich history of our School.


Gippsland Grammar is a great school. I encourage you to take some time to come and see for yourself and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Gippsland Grammar是一所精英学校。在此,我诚邀您来访问我校,亲自感受学校独特的魅力与学习氛围。我期待与您的会面。

Boarding Facilities 寄宿设施

A short stroll across the Garnsey Campus sports oval is Blackwood House, Gippsland Grammar’s home away from home for up to 50 boarders from both regional and rural Australia and overseas. With our refurbished building opening in 2008, when the boarding facility was updated and relocated from the St Anne’s Campus where it had operated since 1937, Blackwood House is a co-educational boarding facility with a strong reputation for academic and all-round excellence within the East Gippsland region. For more information click HERE.

沿着校园椭圆形的体育场漫步,您会看到环绕四周的就是我们的标志性建筑Blackwood House,这也是来自澳大利亚城区、郊区以及海外的50多名寄宿生在Gippsland Grammar学校的温暖的家。Blackwood House是建立在成立于1937年的圣安妮学校的旧址上。2008年重新修建之后,做为男女同校制寄宿学校,Blackwood House在东吉普斯兰地区享有较高的学术和其他领域上的卓越的声誉。欲了解更多信息,请点击此处

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