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Physical Education and Health

This is a diverse department covering Years 7-12 and currently encompassing:

  • Physical Education and Health (Years 7-10 + VCE)
  • Human Movement (Year 9)
  • Faster, Fitter, Stronger (Year 9)
  • VCE Physical Education
  • VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies

At Gippsland Grammar we place great emphasis on fitness and health. Our students participate in Physical Education and Health lessons every week from Years 7 to 9 and Physical Education in Year 10. Our VCE Health and Human Development and Physical Education courses continue through to Year 12. Year 7, 8 and 9 students study an extensive range of health-related issues in our health program. Drug and Alcohol issues are a focus of this program.

Apart from fostering a positive attitude towards physical activity, we aim to provide opportunities for leadership and co-operation.

Students' levels of fitness and growth are monitored throughout the years by conducting a range of fitness tests once a year. Many students discover new interests through the PE program, which they can build upon during the Thursday sport program.

The Physical Education department is a hive of activity with many lunchtime activities happening in the gym and an emphasis on challenge and fun.

In VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies students look at the impact of recreational activities on the environment and many associated issues. The subject builds on the external Outdoor Education program which all students in Years 7-9 participate in.