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A centre of excellence since 1924

Gippsland Grammar has been a centre of excellence since its inception in 1924. A culture which has made the learning and well-being of each and every student through the generations, central to its purpose, began over 90 years ago. The School’s culture continues to be nurtured and as a result, students grow and thrive as they take the opportunities afforded them through the curriculum and the co-curricular program. The School is proud of its academic record and the excellent results which students have achieved year after year. The School is proud of every students’ attainments as they are prepared to become critical and contributing members of society.

A diverse and innovative curriculum

The curriculum is diverse and innovative; however, it is the learning growth and achievement of every student that is the goal of each teacher. Thus, the School’s goal is to ensure that growth in learning occurs every year for each student. Concomitantly, the learning growth of every teacher is necessary. Our teaching and learning framework, Academic Care, and the School’s annual teaching and learning goals are premised on effective teaching and learning. Making the learning visible – an evidence-based approach which privileges a common language of learning via the SOLO Taxonomy - has been developed and is in place across the School’s three campuses. It is has enriched our learning culture, is best practice and continues to be supported by educational research and innovation.

In tandem with the SOLO taxonomy which not only gives teachers and learners the common language to understand their learning progress and their level of thinking, all of our students’ thinking is mediated via the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment program up to Year 9. This is a cognitive intervention program is used both individually and within the classroom to enhance the learning potential and cognitive functioning for either remedial or enrichment purposes.

Gippsland Grammar recognises that intelligence is dynamic and modifiable, not static or fixed. Our teaching and learning programs and approaches work to support fundamental thinking skills, the concepts, skills, strategies, operations and techniques necessary for students to function as independent learners, increase their motivation, and "learn how to learn." The growth mindset, and the elements of positive psychology that supports it, informs this program and the School’s approach to learning.

The School, as a professional learning community, encourages its teachers to work collaboratively. They work in teams, in a cycle of collective inquiry and action research, to support their personal professional learning needs and their interdependent and collective purpose of high levels of learning for all students.

A wide variety of programs at all levels

A wide variety of programs are offered throughout the school to meet the needs of our students at all levels. Our students can pursue their interests and are supported and encouraged to achieve excellence in all they do. In the early years, music, language and art engage students in their learning. In the middle years, digital literacy and an innovative outdoor education program challenge students whilst students in Year 9 learn about civic life and become attuned to their environment as part of a broad and enriching program where independence and responsibility are fostered. Our senior students can choose from a wide range of VCE subjects and some VET subjects taught by dedicated and expert teachers. The VCAL pathway can also be accessed for those desiring a vocational pathway.

It is our aim for students to become fully involved in the life of the School. Students take part in an extensive sports program or can choose to be involved in our vibrant Music program, diverse Drama productions, or choose to play chess, debate, speak publicly, improvise in Theatre Sports of become Future Problem Solvers .. and the list goes on.

Endless learning opportunities

The learning opportunities are endless. Our International focus encourages student exchanges, study tours, and the hosting of home-stay students in order that their world view is developed. Students are given opportunities to participate in many external subject competitions and Olympiads. They can dance, play their instruments, compete in chess competitions and sporting events with other students across this region, the state and even nationally.

Ultimately, a world of opportunities awaits them after they complete their Victorian Certification and take up the opportunities they have made for themselves beyond secondary school that a successful final result or outcome affords them.

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