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Parents & Friends (P&F)

Parents and Friends at Gippsland Grammar is about 'friend-raising', rather than fundraising. Social events are organised on a campus by campus basis; surplus funds go to local projects, identified by parents and staff.

The major P&F activity has traditionally been STAGGFAIR, the colourful fete held every second year in Sale and well attended by the Gippsland community for its stalls, rides and entertainment.

Some other curricular focused Parents and Friends groups are listed below:

Friends of Music

The Friends of Music is a group of interested parents who meet occasionally to support the activities of the Music Department. They co-ordinate front of house activities at concerts, prepare afternoon teas for rehearsals, sell tickets, operate refreshments and assist when required. The Music Secretary co-ordinates contact between the Friends of Music and the Music Department. The Friends of Music have helped raise considerable funds since the group was formed in 2000 and equipment levels in the Music Department have benefited substantially as a result.

Friends of Drama

Formed in 2003, friends of Drama is a group of parents whose children enjoy participating in the co-curricular Drama program. Parent members organise interval refreshment for Drama productions; the money raised helps to fund the purchase of equipment that will enhance future performances. Friends of Drama also assist with sewing costumes, as well as set construction, and provide meals for students who remain at school before performances.

The McColl Club

The McColl Club is our rowing support group, which consists mainly parents, but also Old Scholars and other interested members of the School community. The group was named after the McColl family who contributed generously in the early days of rowing at the school. The McColl Club provides financial, material and practical support to the Gippsland Grammar Rowing Club to optimise participation, enjoyment and pursuit of rowing excellence, which includes a ‘Rowing Dinner’ at the conclusion of each rowing season. Members also assist with maintenance of equipment and sheds, catering and transport for regattas.