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Academic Care

At Gippsland Grammar we aim to develop the cognitive, socio-emotional and learning dispositions of our students to enable them to take their place as global citizens and leaders within a digital world.

Principles of Academic Care

Academic Care at Gippsland Grammar promotes our five core values of compassion, leadership, excellence, respect and responsibility.

Academic Care, where students are understood not just as learners, but as an integral part of a broader community, requires teachers to develop curriculum and approaches to teaching and learning that are visible and enhance student learning, well-being and resilience, and to embed these in classroom experiences.

Academic Care at Gippsland Grammar builds positive self-esteem, connectedness and self-efficacy through pedagogies and organisational structures, and through adults’ relationships with students in and beyond the classroom.

Academic Care activates personal growth. A Growth Mindset enables an individual to cope with challenges and struggle; to endure and persist; and to create and develop a range of strategies and skills which can be used flexibly in order to flourish.

Academic Care is underpinned by our teachers’ passion to the ongoing development of their professional learning, collegiality and collaborative practices, and their commitment to students being at the centre of everything we do.

Teaching and Learning

Best practice pedagogy

Gippsland Grammar's educational model outlines best practice pedagogy in the classroom.

At Gippsland Grammar

  • we provide engaging and stimulating classroom environments where our students feel safe and willing to take risks in their learning;
  • our classrooms are places where our students can succeed and there is an understanding between our students and teachers of what success looks like;
  • learning is paramount and strategies are developed to intervene, extend or encourage our students to achieve their best;
  • our teachers demonstrate expertise and lead our students to develop their own understandings, skills and knowledge;
  • students benefit from effective and frequent feedback from their teachers, peers and others;
  • learning is challenging and our students are supported to become resilient and persistent learners;
  • our classrooms are places where learning can be collaborative, creative and fun; and
  • our teachers use contemporary Information Communication Technologies to enhance teaching and learning and to promote flexibility and independence.

Student Leadership

Leadership is a core value at Gippsland Grammar and underpins our School culture and expectations. Our students understand that they are leaders within our community and all have the potential to influence others in a positive and compassionate manner.

Throughout the School there are opportunities for more formal leadership training and leadership is also recognised as a major component of our Personal Development program.

Our Junior Schools provide leadership at all age groups through weekly fellowships, participation in the various student led groups (such as the Student Representative Council and Green Team) and also as part of the Year 6 leadership program.

At Garnsey our students are exposed to formal leadership training and genuine leadership opportunities at various stages of their journey through the Senior School. These include but are not limited to our Year 8 leadership training, Year 9 leadership council, Year 10 peer mentoring program, Year 10 camp assistance program, our House program and our Year 12 Prefect program. There are many other less formal opportunities for our students to lead others, mentor others and provide cross age leadership.

We aim to nurture the inherent leadership qualities in every student.


The wellbeing of students is a critical aspect of our Academic Care model and inextricably linked to learning. At Gippsland Grammar, we seek to ensure that:

the inextricable connection between wellbeing and learning is evident in everything we do;

  • students feel safe and supported by teachers;
  • our students learn in a calm and focussed environment;
  • there are clear and consistent behavioural and learning expectations made explicit to all students;
  • behaviours and relationships are managed in a restorative way;
  • relationships are respectful and characterised by positive dialogue and active listening;
  • teachers know their students, and use positive education strategies in the classroom and beyond;
  • a growth mindset is evident in all aspects of School life;
  • students learn in spaces which reflect the enjoyment and value of learning; and
  • a personal development program is explicit and based around the core pillars of Wellness, Achievement, Relationships and Community Involvement.

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