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Junior Years

St Anne’s Campus in Sale and the Bairnsdale Campus in Wy Yung provide broad and challenging curriculums in ordered and structured learning environments. Students are at the centre of all that we do. 

Every child’s well-being and learning growth is central to an integrated approach where individual and common needs are met through a creative and balanced program of learning. Students are provided with many stimulating learning opportunities in all domains of the Australian Curriculum. Students are challenged to think and teachers aim to make the thinking visible. Students can talk about their learning as teachers ensure that there is a commonly understood language of learning embedded in their instruction that enables students to reflect upon, and consider, their next learning steps.

Academic Care

The Academic Care framework fosters a deliberate focus on well-being and learning; two inextricably linked elements. Current and robust educational philosophies that focus on building resilience and optimism, such as the Growth Mindset and Positive psychology theories, inform Academic Care. Teachers know each of their students and support them. Frequent feedback to students is based on working closely with them and monitoring their learning growth. Individual and cohort progress is measured through the data that is gathered on student achievement via both internal and external assessment to enable teachers to collaborate on the program that best suits every stage and level of learning.

Teacher learning and collaboration is a feature of professional practice at Gippsland Grammar. As such, current research about the science of learning and the use of current resources influence planning and presentation of the curriculum. Early Years and Middle Years philosophies are taken into account. The School has a literacy program which has a strong phonics basis as its foundation for reading and spelling development. Science, History, and Geography are delivered as integrated subjects. Interventions are used as required to help students to improve their literacy and numeracy. The Getting Ready in Numeracy, or GRIN program, is one such intervention. There are also extension Maths classes, Tournament of the Minds opportunities, myriad external competitions and coding classes available to students at all levels to extend them in areas that suit their needs, interests and talents. The FIE or Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment program is embedded in the School’s curriculum at alternate year levels and helps all students to think divergently and to problem solve.

Students are tested annually to monitor overall progress and where appropriate, some academic support or extension is provided. The School is conscious of the fact that those very capable students, who require extension and extra challenges, have special needs that must be met, just as those who find the work difficult must be supported. Individual Education Plans are developed to meet every child’s learning needs.

Class Teachers are responsible for the program of core subjects, namely Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated studies. Specialist teachers provide courses in Art, Library, ICT, Languages (Japanese), Music, Sport and PE. Each area of the curriculum develops specific knowledge and skills while enhancing and enriching learning outcomes in other areas. The richness of such offerings enables us to support the development of the whole child, providing opportunities for them to achieve their personal potential in academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.


Our Music program is extensive; it is highly resourced to support all students in music making activities as well as providing extra music and art programs on offer like Chamber strings, Year 2 strings, Year 4 band, Choir, recorder consorts, biennial musicals, the art show and travelling music showcase.

Information Technology is widely used in the teaching learning process. Digital technologies help to support student learning and is an integral part of their educational experience. Both ipads and personal computers are available to students. In addition, classes have access to a computer laboratory. Such resources, supported by an excellent library on each campus, provide outstanding opportunities for resource-based learning.

The Gippsland Grammar Sports program is extensive and encompasses athletics and swimming, as well as a broad range of team and individual sports, like tennis, soccer, football, cross country, T-ball and many more.

In everything we do, the student is central and the learning is visible.

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