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The Gippsland Grammar Foundation

Established in 1985, the Gippsland Grammar Foundation is the fundraising arm of the School, raising funds for capital works. The Foundation is a separate, incorporated legal entity administered by a voluntary Committee of Management, with members made up of parents, former students, staff and friends of Gippsland Grammar.

In recent years the Foundation has contributed significant funds to the building of the Chapel of St Anne, the Information Services Centre, the new boarding facility, Blackwood House, the Laurie Payne Sports Centre and the recently complete Years 3/4 Learning Centre at St Anne’s.

President: Katy Dray

Senior Vice-President: Lara Levchenko

Junior Vice-President: Jessica Cane

Treasurer: Dan Davine

The Building Fund

Like most independent schools, Gippsland Grammar is a registered not for profit organisation. This means that the modest surplus we generate is reinvested into school operations to improve and grow the School, which leaves very little for capital works.

The Gippsland Grammar Foundation Building Fund exists to provide capital upgrades and improvements and has funded important initiatives like the Laurie Payne Gymnasium, the Chapel of St Anne, Blackwood House and the Years 3/4 Learning Centre, currently under construction at St Anne's campus. These facilities are often utilised by the broader Gippsland community.

Fundraising efforts are now focussed on a multi million dollar Performing Arts Centre at Garnsey campus, the opening of which will coincide with the School's centennary celebrations in 2024.

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