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Student Representative Council (SRC)

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The SRC is the voice of the student body and a way for students to communicate with our schools decision makers. This year we have placed greater emphasis on this important leadership role. The SRC is helping provide student feedback on our Gippsland Grammar positive behaviour model. They are also responding to student needs and concerns, building relationships within the campus and bringing about positive change. Facilitated by Sarah Wheeler and Rebekah Tayler, our SRC recently had a day of training. Below is a recount of the day from SRC Member and Publicity Officer Otto Humphris:

On Tuesday, the SRC met for their very first meeting. Mr VB talked to us about Fellowship (where someone starts an activity and other people follow, but each add their own flavour or ideas). We then organised ourselves into our birth months in a circle, but there was a catch … we had to do it without talking! After recess we assigned different roles to each SRC member and did a bit of brainstorming for ideas for the school. I think it was really fun and that this semester's SRC will be really cohesive and productive. If anyone has any ideas for the SRC you can see our curriculum/ wellbeing coordinators, Airlie and Erin or your class representative.

Jie Van Berkel

Head of St Anne's Campus