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Centenary celebrations

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Since our last newsletter we launched our Centenary celebrations over three days in February with more than 400 people attended four amazing events that included a gala hosted by the Gippsland Grammar Foundation, the launch of two books, a Centenary Eucharist and a reunion BBQ for the former students of Gippsland Grammar School.

Mrs Wakeham said the weekend was an incredible success that brought together Old Scholars with current students and families.

“It was amazing to see so many people with so many fond memories of their time at our school return for our celebrations,” Mrs Wakeham said. “Each of our events had its own distinct feel and was attended by a slightly different cohort of our Old Scholars and current families. My favourite part was watching old friends reconnect and listening to them reminisce. We can’t wait to continue celebrating with everyone throughout the year.”

Centenary merchandise:

- Next week is the last week families can purchase our special edition Centenary wine. Purchase here:
- Our two Centenary books Memories, stories from 100 years of Gippsland Grammar by Ann Andrew ($65) and the companion children’s book Wheelbarrow’s Birthday ($25) and now also available for sale. Purchase here:

Michele Wakeham