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Hello and welcome to the Early Learning Centre. Over the past three weeks, we have welcomed many excited children and families to our ELCs, many of whom are beginning their association with the Gippsland Grammar Community. Our team of educators have been busy preparing beautiful and stimulating environments for your children to learn in. Though there were a few tears, the children quickly settled in and couldn't wait to begin painting, pasting and exploring our lovely natural play spaces. We are excited to have them with us and look forward to a year of growth, fun and excitement as they begin their educational journey.

Families often ask what they can do to help their child settle into the ELC. It's important to remember that entering a new setting is a big transition for little ones. Be prepared for them to be tired or to revert to less desirable behaviours. Please don't be concerned. Just maintain your normal, firm and loving boundaries. Please ensure they arrive well rested and with all they need each day. If you refer to our centre Handbook, you will find lots of good advice about what to expect. You are also always most welcome to speak to your child's teacher. Our educators are experts in managing children's development and behaviour, and they will be happy to work with you to support your child in feeling happy, safe and secure in this new place. As we say at the ELC … there's no such thing as a silly question! If it is upsetting or worrying you, speak to us so that we can work together.

One of the wonderful things about beginning your child's education at Gippsland Grammar is the opportunity to meet other families – many lifelong friendships will be formed as you travel through your children's education journey together. This sense of Community is what makes our school a very special place. Over the coming month we will hold 'Stay and Play' evenings at both campuses to foster this. I would urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to spend time with your child at the ELC and let them show you their learning spaces. If you are a busy working family then this allows you time to play with your child and learn more about what experiences they are having at school. You will also have the chance to meet teachers and educators, get to know other families/carers and build relationships with them.

Once again, I warmly welcome you and I Iook forward to a wonderful year together.

‘Stay and Play’ at the ELC
St Anne’s (Sale) Campus
Transition White Swans group: Tuesday March 5, 5.30-6.30pm
Transition Black Swans group: Wednesday March 6, 5.30 6.30pm
Reception Yellow and Green Cygnets group: Wednesday March 13, 5-6pm

Bairnsdale Campus
Transition Roos group and Reception Joeys group: Thursday March 7, 5-6.30pm

Lisa Burgess

ELC Director