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Our School calendar is always rich with entries for all manner of things including excursions, incursions, sporting events, co-curricular happenings and celebrations. Last week I had the pleasure of attending on of our favourite events for our Old Scholars, the St Anne’s Day celebration at our St Anne’s Campus.

This annual event is a celebration for the whole campus and one we share with our ‘Green Grubs’, which is the affectionate term we use for the ladies who attended our St Anne’s Campus prior to 1971 when it amalgamated with the boys’ Gippsland Grammar School to form St Anne’s and Gippsland Grammar School (STAGGS).

This year about 30 ‘Green Grubs’ returned for a Fellowship with our current St Anne’s students before enjoying a luncheon in the St Anne’s Library (which was the dining room when many of these former students attended as boarders) where we enjoyed soup and scones served by some St Anne’s students.

The Fellowship was a lovely service featuring performances by the St Anne’s singers and band and a presentation by Old Scholar Sally Friend (nee Bowman, Class of 1967), who first attended St Anne’s in 1956. Sally has had four generations of her family attend our school, starting with her aunt Barbara Bowman in the late 1930s down to her grandchildren, current students Harriet (Year 3), Charlie (Year 1) and Hannah (ELC).

Everyone in attendance had a lovely day and are all looking forward to next year’s event which will be one of the key celebrations in our Centenary year.

Warm regards,
Michele Wakeham

Michele Wakeham