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Welcome to another busy term at the Early Learning Centres. The children have returned from holidays rested and ready for new challenges and learning. I have spent time in both Centres this week and the teachers and educators have created beautiful learning environments for the children to enjoy and explore. A very warm welcome to a number of new families who have joined us this term; we hope that you enjoy your time with us.

In Sale, the children have been noticing the change of seasons in our beautiful St Anne’s grounds, and this is inspiring artwork and discussions about the natural world. I expect that there will be some leaf-collecting walks happening in the weeks ahead. In Bairnsdale the children are building their home/school connection with two ‘take home’ projects. I am sure that the children will be very excited to take home ‘Morris the wombat’, or ‘Josie the Joey’, in the weeks ahead. We will have Miss Dent and Miss Cuttriss on teaching rounds for the first few weeks of term and Mrs Collins is being ably assisted during this time by the very experienced Ms Vercoe, Mrs Oram and Mrs Whitfield. The whole team met during the holidays to plan wonderful term two activities and events.

At the end of Term 1, the children were excited to receive their Centenary badges, which were also given to every Gippsland Grammar student and staff member. It was especially delightful for those children who have parents or grandparents who also attended the school. We look forward to more opportunities to celebrate our school’s special birthday later in the year.

Behind the scenes we are currently accepting 2025 ELC enrolments so if anyone has forgotten to enrol a younger sibling or you know someone else who is interested, then please remind them to do so now.

We have many special events, excursions and incursions planned for this term, so please make a note of the dates and check your class page VOS page regularly for more information. Transition families will also shortly receive information about parent/teacher interview dates.

St Anne’s Transition
April 26: Visit to Annemieke Mein exhibition, 2pm
May 10: Mother’s Day Breakfast 8am (in ELC)
June 7: Student-free day

Bairnsdale Transition
May 2: Waste and recycling incursion, 11 am
May 10: Mother's Day Fellowship and breakfast (details TBC)
June 4: Stop, Look, Listen, Think traffic safety incursion, 1pm
June 7: Student-free day

Bairnsdale Reception
May 8/10: Mother's Day event, 2.15 pm

St Anne’s Reception
May 8: (Yellow Cygnets) Mother’s Day event, 2.40pm
May 9: (Green Cygnets) Mother’s Day event, 2.40pm

As we move into the cooler weather, please ensure that your child has a warm-named jacket, as we do play outside in most weather.

Lisa Burgess

ELC Director