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Information Services Centre

Gippsland Grammar provides a library at each of its campuses. The aim of each is to develop and nurture lifelong learning through reading for pleasure and reading for deeper knowledge, accessing both traditional and digital mediums. In line with the School’s teaching and learning focus, the library aims to develop excellent research and critical thinking skills in order to assess and evaluate factual information. Our libraries are staffed by qualified, trained and experienced teacher-librarians and support staff who maintain excellent up to date collections and a comfortable and welcoming environment. They work collaboratively with teachers to enhance student learning.

At Junior School level, students attend weekly lessons, enjoying stories and developing research skills. An extension English program promotes the love of reading by introducing students to classic literature and by developing critical analysis skills.

As part of the wide reading program, Senior School teacher-librarians help implement and run programs such as 'Literature Circles' and 'Ripping into Research' in Year 7, 'Edublogs', 'Book in a Bag' and 'Paired Reading' in Year 8, 'Animoto' book trailers in Year 9, as well as various book talks across genres at a range of year levels. The ISC also supports digital learning in a range of subjects. This includes training in the use of digital SLR cameras and different software programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premier Pro.

As well as a welcoming physical space, the Information Services Centre (ISC) at Garnsey Campus provides an online Web presence through our ISC Libguides. This consists of a webpage with links to various areas of study and a range of online databases. The collections include digital resources such as an ebook platform, audio collections and video platform Apps that can be used on various devices. Games and a range activities are provided, as well as a 3D Printer, Homework Club and quiet study spaces. The ISC is open from 8am every morning, until 4.30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday and Wednesday it is open until 5.30pm.