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Having visitors to our campus allows us to share our beautiful space and showcase our facilities. Today we excitedly welcomed our grandparents who have travelled from far and wide to spend time with us. Our Foundation class Acacia led Fellowship with the cuteness we would expect from our little people yet with a confidence that was outstanding. As a class they had prepared and practised diligently, and with pride they presented their learnings and their connections with their grandparents. Following Fellowship our grandparents were invited into the classrooms to join in the fun of school. We are grateful to the many grandparents who joined us and to those unable to join us today, and thank them for their commitment to our students, their beautiful grandchildren.

Three weeks earlier we welcomed our fathers and special friends to enjoy a breakfast together prior to Fellowship, which was presented by Correa. Tim Liston, father of Henry and Eadie, spoke of the joys of fatherhood and those wonderful moments of times spent together; from the simpleness of watching a movie together to significant holidays. Our students are truly blessed with parents who engage in their school life as they do!

I enjoyed the opportunity to give our school’s Board Chair Ian Nethercote a tour around our Bairnsdale Campus recently. Mr Nethercote spent considerable time with us asking questions, acknowledging our achievements and showed a genuine interest in our growth going forward. His interactions with staff and students were much appreciated.

In terms of commitment, I am grateful to Kim Maxwell who worked with four of our girls - Hayley, Frieda, Maya and Rittal - to prepare them for a school gymnastics competition in Melbourne recently. It was a new experience for the girls, and they certainly performed with pride in themselves and their school. Congratulations to completing the competition and taking out fourth place.

Two of our Tournament of the Minds teams continued to state level, competing at Bundoora last weekend. In the morning they completed a three-hour challenge along with a further spontaneous challenge. In the afternoon, they performed their three-hour challenge to a theatre full of other teams and adults. Both teams, STEM and Language Literature, presented wonderful performances and did our school proud. A huge thank you to Penny Rankin for supporting the students in their quest for success.

This week we have had several visitors to our campus to share their expertise with our students in a variety of ways. Wildlife educators Black Snake Productions captivated our students with stories and demonstrations of the life of a snake, their habitat and importantly how to be safe around them. Harold the giraffe and the Life Education program visited us to support our students in both personal and physical growth and Alyssa Flint shared her expertise in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with each class, with every student taking home the results of their learning.

After our busy term I wish you well for the holiday break ahead.

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus