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The recent H&S shoot held at Sale Field & Game at Longford was arguably our most successful by far. On June 14, 15 members headed to compete against 25 other teams from varying schools from across the Gippsland region and returned from the shoot with an impressive haul of 10 trophies. We were lucky enough to take out first and second in Senior Boys, taken by Finn Carpenter and Jole Hooper, with Jole needing to go through a very tense shoot off which he won by the last target. Ella O’Doherty took second place in the Senior Girls category, with a very good effort of 14/20 targets. Imogen Carpenter won in the Junior Girls with an impressive score of 15/20 targets, which is a great improvement over her past couple of shoots. Darcee young also placed in the Junior Girls, winning third place after a nail-biting shoot off, which she unfortunately lost by two targets. Gippsland Grammar was also lucky enough to keep our winning streak alive, winning the teams event with a score of 82/100 targets. This winning squad consisted of James Westman, Sam Ditchburn, Braith Staley, Finn Carpenter, and Jole Hooper. A great reward for Braith for the consistent efforts he has produced at School and Field and Game competitions this year. A special thankyou to those who participated in the shoot alongside us, especially Oscar Rich and Jacob Veldhuizen, who scored 10 and 9 in the first round (out of a possible 10 targets), but unfortunately just fell short of a place in the Senior Boys category.

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus