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This term, the Year 8 students completed their Mitchell River hike and raft program. Students spent the week hiking along the Mitchell River walking track between The Den of Nargun and Angusvale. Students also spent a day rafting down the river, which is the last free flowing river in Victoria. Students learnt about the history of the area, visiting Scott's Homestead, an old farming area from the early 1900s. Many students mentioned that their highlight was definitely the rafting and that the hiking was a great step up from Loch Sport and will help them prepare for Year 9 Outdoor Education programs. They enjoyed getting to know their peers on a deeper level and felt that the camp had helped them build confidence and resilience.

- “Today I am proud of myself because I didn't let fear of white-water rafting stop me from participating and enjoying myself.” - Cecilia Anderson (Year 8)

- “This program helped me by showing me how enjoyable hiking can be.” - Olivia Millar (Year 8)

The Year 9 students spent a day on an excursion to the Heart Morass, where they participated in a range of sessions with Bug Blitz. Activities included sustainable duck, deer and fox hunting, painting and ID of ducks, and Indigenous history of Gunaikurnai where students got to look at various Indigenous items and learnt how they were used as well as looking at the macro-organisms in the water systems. The highlights for the day included learning to throw a Boomerang, getting to know Cassie the duck dog and seeing all the different types of skulls and bones and trying to identify them.

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus