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Da Vinci Decathlon

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On Wednesday May 10 eight Year 7 students participated in the Da Vinci Decathlon at the Garnsey Campus. The event is made up of ten disciplines covering Mathematics, English, Geography (Cartography), Science, Engineering, History (Legacy), Global Issues (Ideation), Code Breaking, Art and Poetry, and Creative Interpretation (Creative Producers). Students were presented with challenging questions within these subject areas, and their ability to work effectively as a team was tested as they needed to negotiate the use of time and collective expertise within each discipline. Maffra Secondary College and Sale Catholic College teams joined Gippsland Grammar students, and the day was filled with cooperative discussions, problem-solving and time spent building new friendships across the different schools during break times. While Gippsland Grammar was the event's overall winner, Maffra Secondary College won the English, Art and Poetry and Legacy divisions, and the Catholic College students shone in Engineering. The Gippsland Grammar team progressed to the state final where we finished 10th out of a strong field of 20 teams, with strong performances in Art and Poetry, Maths and Science.

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus