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Trina the therapy dog

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As a three-campus school, we are fortunate to have access to expertise from across the school, such as our School Councillor Ceci Broughton who visits us weekly to support students and their families as well as staff. Ceci is a familiar face around the campus, joining the students in the classroom and on the playground. She is looking forward to incorporating our new therapy dog Trina into her day where needed. Trina is now spending more time at school and has been greatly received by all.

Year 4 student Hannah said: “Having a school dog is very calming and encourages us to be respectful. Trina loves hugs and pats and makes us feel happy. We have a lovely campus and Trina fits in beautifully”.

Foundation student Eziah said: “It’s just SUCH FUN having a dog at school!”

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus