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As Banksia presented so beautifully at their Fellowship last week, we have been working on our CLERR value, ‘responsibility’, and developing expectations as a class and as a campus. The positive behaviour approach we are implementing empowers our students to understand that their choices result in consequences, either positive or negative. If you wear your hat, you get to play, if you don’t, you sit out. We look to our parent support in reinforcing our expectations and discussing the need to own our actions. In asking Year 2 student Kloe, how have our new positive behaviour expectations impacted her learning, or her classroom, she said “they help us to feel more settled and to focus more. It’s easier to play because everyone understands the expectations”.

Such an encouraging response from Kloe promotes what we are trying to achieve thorough this positive behavioural process.

Wishing you well for the weekend ahead.

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus