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Waiting until the third week of school for our Welcome and Leadership Induction allowed for a calm and settled Fellowship with expectations in place. We welcomed and celebrated our new staff, students and families who bring to us their uniqueness. There was a buzz amongst the parents and friends during the shared morning tea that was both positive and heart-warming. Our students accepted their new leadership roles proudly as Year 6 leaders, SRC leaders or our Green Team leaders. We were lucky to have author and international explorer Tim Cope join us to share his thoughts on leadership, which have been developed through his 10,000km horseback journey from Mongolia to Hungary. Tim was inspiring to listen to and our students were absorbed with his stories. Tim then spent the remainder of the day with our Year 5/6 students running writing workshops.

This was an incredibly rich experience for our students and Year 6 student Emily said: “Tim had faith in himself and (his dog) Tigon contributed to that faith. This helped him through the tough times when he had moments thinking about giving up. We learned a lot from Tim and were grateful for the opportunity to be inspired by him.”

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus