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VCE Den of Nargun hike

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On Friday May 5, VCE Unit 1 Outdoor and Environmental studies students travelled to the Mitchell River National Park to complete the Den of Nargun walking track. Most of the students had completed this walk before, however the focus of the experience this time was for them to set aside their current motivations, and they were encouraged to view, experience and enjoy this incredible environment in a new way.

Outdoor Education Teacher Fiona Bartlett said: “At present we are learning about the motivations and responses to nature as well as the different ways of knowing and using the environment. By challenging their own personal beliefs and views the students became more open minded, willing and capable of immersing themselves in, not only the Mitchell River National Park, but all places they will enter from now on. It was a pleasure to share this experience with them and watch their curiosity grow and their views and motivations change as the day went on. We look forward to sharing many more of these experiences together as the year goes on.”

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus