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Tournament of Minds
Penny Rankin and Mrs Elisha Froud are thrilled at the response they received from students to take part in Tournament of the Minds, which challenges our students’ thinking and encourages collaborative problem solving. About 30 students showed interest, which demonstrates both commitment from our teachers and an enthusiasm from our students. We look forward to observing their developing skills.

Last night I joined the proud parents of our instrumental students for the Soiree at St. John’s Church. The intention of the Soiree is to allow the students to experience performing to an audience, to incentivise their daily practice and for us to acknowledge and celebrate their growth in both skill and performance. I thank all the parents who joined us and for your ongoing support of our musical programs.

‘Are we there yet?’ excursion
The consistent language of our Positive Behaviour Approach is continuing to influence good decision making by our students. It empowers our students to be responsible for the choices they make. If the expectations that have been developed together, are followed, there are positive consequences for the students. We received wonderful feedback about our junior students who attended the show Are we there yet? at the Forge Theatre. The way they entered the theatre, the way they responded respectfully as an audience and the polite way they conducted themselves was to be commended.

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus