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Already this year, our debating team have written more than 24 arguments across four topics and brought home six wins. And we have only had one round! Congratulations to our new debaters, and welcome back to our returning debaters, whose ongoing commitment have helped maintain our strong and highly competitive team. It was a familiar joy to travel to Berwick last Thursday with our excited debaters, witness the exuberant energy on the bus, and marvel at the improvements individuals and teams continue to make. Highlights included Zara’s impressive score of 79/100 and first-time debaters Carys and Daphne winning best speaker in their debates.

Two rounds of our house debating competition has also highlighted the expertise both within our debating team, and from the wider school community. Numerous Year 7 students bravely represented their house in their first ever debate; Year 12s whose last debate was in a pre-covid classroom courageously battled some of the school’s most experienced debaters; and many well-developed arguments have been delivered and promptly rebutted across 4 topics. The final round, next week, will determine whether Wellington-Binks can repeat their 2022 win, or if another house will be the new champions.

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus