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Keeping your child safe online

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1/ Encourage open communication
Have regular conversations with your child about online safety, rights and responsibilities and ensure they are educated about potential risks.

2/ Activate privacy and account settings
Familiarise yourself with settings available within apps and devices that can be activated to reduce risk and unwanted contact.

3/ Create a tech agreement
Together with your child, work out appropriate boundaries around device use and draw up a contract to sign with agreements made by all family members.

4/ Supervise and monitor
Supervise and monitor games and online conversations. Ensure your child is using age appropriate apps and remind them you have a duty of care as a parent or guardian. Research parental control apps.

5/ Keep devices out of bedrooms
Unsupervised use increases risk. Keeping devices out of bedrooms at night will reduce the likelihood of online harm and accessibility. Adequate sleep is important for a child's physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

6/ Know where to seek help
Ensure you and your child know when to seek help. Educate your family on steps to take and know how to report any negative online experiences.


Michele Wakeham