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Please mark Thursday February 16 in your calendars for our Parent Information Evening and our Welcome Picnic. Our Parent Information Evening provides an excellent opportunity for families to hear about the expectations for each year level and how we will work in partnership with families to best engage your child with their learning. These sessions will be held in the year level classrooms and will include both classes. For example, both year 1 McCubbin and year 1 Bradman parents will meet in the Bradman classroom. Closer to the date there will be a VOS post stating which classroom you meet at for your information session.

Parent Information Evening schedule
5–5.30pm: Foundation to Year 2
5.30–6pm: Year 3 to Year 6
6–6.30pm: Specialists (in Kukun Kalak)

On the same evening, we will host our Welcome Picnic from 5-8pm, which is a great way to start the year together. Families are asked to bring a picnic blanket/chairs, their own picnic food and drinks (alcohol is permitted). We will provide playground supervision while parents head to classrooms for their information sessions.

Jie Van Berkel

Head of St Anne's Campus