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Positive habits

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A focus at Garnsey in 2023 will be the reinforcement of the positive habits and routines that we believe nurture the wellbeing and academic progress of our students. Habits and routines are highly important for learning as they reduce cognitive load, increase understanding, and improve retention. They also promote positive behaviours and have proven links to reducing the impact of mental health challenges. One area that has been highlighted as a priority at Garnsey campus is attendance. Higher attendance rates have significantly positive influences on both academic and pastoral outcomes (including a child’s wellbeing). Furthermore, it can reduce academic stress and anxiety, as well as promoting social development. We will be working with students, staff and families throughout the year to develop this area.

Finally, I would like to remind our students and families that Garnsey is a welcoming and inclusive environment where we celebrate our individual differences. I encourage all our community members to stand up against any forms of behaviour that are cruel, unkind, or make someone feel unsafe and not welcomed. Inclusion, not exclusion, is the key to a thriving school community and we hope to further embed this within our school culture.

I hope everyone has a fantastic year.

Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus