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When we reach Term 4, we begin to reap the rewards of the hard work done in the previous terms. We begin to celebrate our learning, our achievements and being together through various events.

Our Year 12s who spent their primary years at the Bairnsdale Campus returned to share their memories of their time here and enjoyed the traditional choc-chip cookies for old-time sake. Edward Courtier, our 2017 Campus Captain and now School Captain, spoke of the importance of his connection with his primary school friends. It was lovely to welcome the parents of the Year 12s who continue to support their children, now young adults, on their educational journey. We wish all our Year 12s much success in the weeks ahead.

Camps are a feature of Term 4. From all accounts, our Year 5 and 6 students had a wonderful time on their camp where they were challenged physically, emotionally, and socially and responding to that challenge with strength and resilience. We are grateful to all staff who took on this responsibility of allowing our students to enjoy the great outdoors.

The Bairnsdale Campus has proudly celebrated its 18th birthday last week. Birthdays usually involve cake, a party, or a celebration of some sort. We enjoyed chocolate cupcakes and on Thursday evening we came together to join in some old-fashioned fun in the form of a bush dance. The Billy Tea Bush Band were with us during the day, teaching our students the dances, and the students returned excitedly with their families at night for a BBQ and the Family Bush Dance. I warmly thank the many families who assisted with this event, decorating our hall, making salad, baking slices, cooking the BBQ and serving the food. What a wonderful way to celebrate our campus!

Finally, 10 students recently competed at the Regional Athletics in Newborough. All students put in a great effort with Liora Rozite placing 2nd in 200m and 3rd in 800m. Liora will now compete at the State Championships in 200m on 1 November. All the best Liora.

It is with appreciation that I look back on the year thus far and with excitement as I look forward to the further celebrations to come.

Wishing you well for the weekend.

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus