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Sharing student achievements

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There’s nothing we love more than celebrating the achievements of our students. With such a talented group of students in our midst there is always lots to celebrate, and we do our best to acknowledge as many as we can and is appropriate at our Fellowships and assemblies, on our social media channels, in Veritas and at the end of each year in Claresco. Our priority is to acknowledge our school events but, where possible, we also love sharing news of student achievements that happen outside of school. If your child is involved in sporting, artistic, leadership or community success that you’d like to share with us, please let us know the details as we aren’t always privy to all of the goings on in our community.

To do so, please email with details of the event or occasion and your child’s involvement. For inclusion in Veritas and on social media we also require an image of your child at the event, of publishable quality. We look forward to hearing from you!