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It is hard to believe that we have reached the halfway mark of Term 2. One of Garnsey’s strengths is the diverse range of co-curricular opportunities that are offered and we always encourage our students to engage in as many activities as possible. However, it is important to acknowledge that sometimes life can feel busy which can lead to us feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I would like to acknowledge the importance of balance and the need for all of us to have effective coping strategies (including adequate time for rest, relaxation, and socialisation). Though we encourage our students to lead through service for others, I also encourage them to find time for themselves and to care for their own health and wellbeing. If a student is ever feeling like things are becoming challenging, please reach out to our mentors, Heads of Year, our School Counsellor, or a trusted adult at the school.

Another important part of our wellbeing, with particular importance for teenagers, is sleep. Teenagers need between 8-10 hours of sleep per night; however, a significant number of students are not achieving this. According to the Black Dog Institute Australia, ’40 per cent of young people will face significant sleep problems heightening their risk of anxiety or depression. By addressing good quality sleep, we are setting up the foundations to promote emotional, social and physical wellbeing and academic performance, now and in the future’. We know that sleep is so important, yet a lot of us continue to lack a priority for our sleeping patterns and routines. Some strategies that can help our students achieve more sleep include engaging in regular physical activity, avoiding caffeine, limiting use of electronic devices (particularly in the last two hours before bed), keeping phones outside of the bedroom at night, sticking to a consistent bed time, maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, and talking to a trusted adult about their fears or worries that are occupying their minds. We know the benefit that sleep has for our students, so I encourage our parents to engage in conversations with their children, and to assist in the establishment of health sleeping patterns and routines.

For the past year, we have been privileged to have Leopold Teissonniere here as our French Language assistant. Languages continue to be an important part of our school and Leopold’s commitment, passion and rigour have significantly assisted the experience of our French students. In addition to his teaching, Leopold has formed wonderful relationships with our students and has been a mentor to many. In addition to his responsibilities, he has assisted with school events including camps, trips and excursions. We thank Leopold for his time with us and wish him all the best as he returns to France.

Please continue reading to learn more about the events and activities that have been taking place at our campus, as well as a reminder for our Year 11 parents/carers.

SEISA and ICCES Athletics by Director of Sport Andrew Nicholas

We had some fantastic results at both events with the students that came working very hard and filled in many gaps for the team. They did a splendid job and represented the school wonderfully. Thank you to all of the students that attended both Athletics days as well as the staff who assisted so the days run smoothly.
Age Champions: Himesh Rajapakse (U/16 Boys), Liora Rozite (U/13 Girls)
The team came 4th overall for Champion School Shield.
Age Champion: Patrick Baggaley (Yr 7 Boys)
The team came 5th overall for Champion School Sheild and 3rd for the S.T.A.R Sheild.

Year 9 Melbourne Experience Head of Year 9 by Nicole Goggin
During Week 3 and Week 4 our Year 9 students and teaching staff headed to Melbourne for the annual Melbourne Experience camp. On a cold and chilly Monday morning our students met at Sale Train station to begin their journey and there were a lot of happy (and maybe nervous) faces eager for the two weeks ahead. After saying goodbye to parents, the students made their way via train to the Melbourne CBD. Over the two-week period, our students engaged in a range of learning experiences including visits to Parliament House, cultural sites such as Hosier Lane, the Eureka Sky Tower, a heritage walk in the Botanical Gardens (learning more about Indigenous history and culture), a tour of the Calton Mosque, visiting the Shrine of Remembrance and the Magistrates Court, and learning from staff of The Big Issue. The experience challenged our students, teaching them independence, responsibility, organisation, and resilience. This will be an experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Thanks go to all staff who made this experience possible.

Year 8 Camp by Co-head of Outdoor Education Sarah Meades
Our Term 2 Year 8 camp was completed this week, with the second group of students attending Cape Conran and the Snowy River. The students engaged in a range of activities including canoeing, information sessions from Parks Victoria, camping, swimming, walking and rock pooling. The weather was fantastic, and it was pleasing to see our students interacting with each other in a new setting. As always, these camps are designed to challenge our students and we were impressed with their ability to push beyond their comfort zone – a great developer of resilience and adaptability. We thank Sarah and the Outdoor Education staff for running a great and successful experience and extend that thanks to Mr Power and Mr Jay who both made the visit to camp.

Year 11 Ball by Head of Year 11 Richard Kemp
A reminder to our Year 11 parents to check their emails and VOS for important information relating to the Year 11 Ball. The Year 11 ball is an important event on our School’s calendar and remains a valued part of our School’s history and culture.

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Rohan Jayatilake

Head of Garnsey Campus