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This month has been a busy one at the Early Learning Centres. We have had excursions, incursions, parent/teacher interviews and several delightful Mother’s Day events. This month, I have asked the classes to report on the rich learning and events in their room.

St Anne’s Transition by Kristy How and Danielle Carpenter
The Transition children have been highly engaged with our ‘Buddies in Nature’ program. Throughout Term 2 they will experience many aspects of nature-based learning, including a visit to the Knob Reserve in Stratford. They will also explore Indigenous perspectives relating to country and explore how to live sustainably with the ‘give a little/take a little ' philosophy. Last week they went on a walk to the Sale Art Gallery to see the Annemieke Mein exhibition. The ELC children were supported by their buddies to view the art and processes of this famous local artist, learning a lot about our local habitats and wildlife. They also learned more about the GunaiKurnai creation story of Borun and Tuk from the information boards outside the gallery. The replica of Annemieke’s studio was a highlight for our many craft lovers. They are now looking forward to creating their own ‘Annemieke-inspired’ art pieces to reflect their observations of the world around them.

St Anne’s Reception by Jo Davis and Katie Whitfield
Last week, the children invited their Mums to a special Mother’s Day afternoon. The children spent many days crafting a special ‘jewel box’ and card for their Mum. Lots of love, paint, glue, and glitter went into their construction, and I know these precious expressions of love will be cherished for many years to come. Outside, Autumn has definitely arrived, and the Cygnets have been busy observing the changes in the weather (chilly mornings!) and the different colours of the leaves falling from the trees. We recently went on our first adventure outside the ELC grounds, walking around the ‘big school’ and collecting autumn leaves for our various art projects. Other activities included autumn-inspired threading and leaf painting, which can now be seen proudly displayed around the ELC.

Bairnsdale Transition by Sommer-Lea Collins
The Transition ‘Roos’ explored sustainability regarding gifts for Mother’s Day this year. They worked with the teachers to create handmade paper using recycled scraps from our ELC crafts. The children worked hard to make pulp and create their individual paper before adding flowers from our garden or recycled stars. Once dry, the children pasted on a photo of themselves and a heart-shaped balloon and framed the art. They also created wrapping paper and loved sharing it with their mum. On Friday May 10, we joined the Junior Campus for a special Mother's Day morning, including Fellowship. Opportunities for the children to join the rest of the School Community in this way help to prepare them for their transition into school next year.

Bairnsdale Reception by Sommer-Lea Collins
The Reception group invited their mums and grandmothers into the temporary ELC ‘beauty salon’ for an afternoon of pampering to celebrate Mother's Day. The children enjoyed spoiling them by painting nails, styling hair, doing facemasks and making necklaces together. There was a lot of thought about what colours and styles each mother would like, and the children were all so thoughtful about how they would spoil their mum. We hope you all had a wonderful time and enjoyed the special gifts made with love by your child.

Upcoming dates
Tuesday June 4: Bairnsdale Transition - ‘Stop/Look/Listen/Think Road Safety Show’
Friday June 7: Student-free day (ELC closed)
Thursday June 13: Bairnsdale Transition - Flying Bookworms Show
Friday June 14: St Anne’s Transition - Flying Bookworms Show
Friday June 21: St Anne’s Transition excursion to Knob Reserve Stratford

Lisa Burgess

ELC Director