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After a wonderful long service leave holiday, I returned to welcoming smiles and happy faces. I, too, feel happy to be back at school and look forward to supporting and working with students, staff and families as we move through the remainder of the term. I appreciate the Bairnsdale staff working together during my absence, particularly Fiona Carr and Renee Coates who led our team with commitment and care for all.

Jazz afternoon
While I missed several significant events during my absence, as schools go, others are always on the horizon. I want to take this opportunity to invite you to a jazz afternoon presented by the Garnsey senior band next Thursday at 3pm in the James Beard Hall. We intend to showcase our musical talents across the school, inspire our students who are currently learning a musical instrument, and encourage others to take one up. Afternoon tea will be provided for parents and students; we look forward to a pleasant afternoon of music. Please see flyer on VOS for further information. We ask that you RSVP for catering purposes.

House Mathematics Competition
We also look forward to a focus on Mathematics with an incursion from Felstead Maths Education. Today our Fellowship was replaced by our House Mathematics competition, where all Foundation to Year 5 students participated in their House teams in a relay race to be the first to complete a 100-piece picture puzzle.

Year 6 leaders asked the questions, checked the answers and solved the picture puzzle. Students were asked a math question about addition or multiplication, and if they got the answer correct, they were given one piece of the picture to add to the grid. The teams rotated through until 100 questions were answered correctly. Seeing cheers, smiles, and laughter while having fun doing maths was wonderful.

The results were:
1st: Wellington Binks
2nd: Tisdell Hotham
3rd: Blundell Bogong
4th: Cranswick Dargo

Revegetation of the hill
This term includes National Tree Planting Day, which allows us to continue our focus on the revegetation of the hill. The Green team is organising our planting day on the last day of this term. We welcome support from parents who will work with us that day. More information will follow closer to the date.

As you have just read, we provide a wide range of activities and learning events for our students, exposing them to many opportunities and allowing them to flourish as individuals.

Congratulations to Theo Ding, Simon Lynch and Odette Cook for making it through to Regional Cross Country.

Amidst all these events, we have our school photos next Wednesday. I ask that our students present themselves with pride in their uniform, following our guidelines.

Wishing you well for the weekend ahead.

Virginia Evans

Head of Bairnsdale Campus