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As this is my final newsletter for the year, I would like to share my heartfelt appreciation to the incredible St Anne's community for a fantastic year. This period has been filled with amazing opportunities for our students to grow academically, socially and emotionally. It has also provided our Community with many opportunities to connect with one another through a range of initiatives. I would like to acknowledge and value the additional dedication our staff has shown in ensuring the excellence and warmth of our school. A special thank you extends to our parents and caregivers for being integral team members and actively supporting their children. Establishing a positive collaborative environment among parents, teachers and students, all aligned toward common goals is crucial. To our students, we express gratitude for contributing to St Anne's as a place where learning and embracing challenges are fostered, and where our CLERR values are demonstrated daily.

Orientation Day
Today marked an important part of our transition program. Our Orientation Day aims for students to begin transitioning into their 2024 class. We started the day with a Campus assembly, which was followed by an announcement of our 2024 classes. We had our 2024 Foundation students joining us for most of the day, along with a small group of new students starting at Gippsland Grammar in 2024. Each new student is assigned a ‘buddy’ that will help them not only through today, but also be with them next year. Our buddies take their role seriously, making sure our new students have a positive experience, are supported and feel connected to Gippsland Grammar. We utilise a computer program that allows us to find the right balance for each class. Friendships, gender, academic ability and behaviour are taken into account. Families will receive an email at the end of the day outlining your child's classroom and teacher for 2024.

Student Leadership
This morning before I announced our 2024 Campus Captains at our Fellowship, I took the opportunity to acknowledge and thank our current Captains Matthew and Erin. They both have been wonderful campus captains throughout the year. They have represented their peers in such a respectful way. Our Campus Captains display the Gippsland Grammar CLERR values of Compassion, Leadership, Excellence, Responsibility and Respect. The process for selecting our Campus Captains is very much like a job interview. Students need to write an application. They are then interviewed by myself and Deputy Head of Campus Sheryn Ray. These interviews allow our students to talk about what they are passionate about and what they would like to bring to the role. I also seek feedback from all staff regarding each applicant. I want to thank all students who applied. Congratulations to Charlotte Greenwell and Charlie Strachan, who will be our 2024 Campus Captains.

Next week we appoint our 2024 House Captains. This process is different to how we appoint our Campus Captains. Year 5 students will be making speeches on Monday in their House groups to students in Years 2 to 5. Students and staff will vote on who they think will be the best House Captain. I look forward to announcing who has been successful.

Next week at our 2023 Citizen of the Term we will be acknowledging and thanking the students and staff who are leaving St Anne’s. It is important to remember that they will always remain a part of our St Anne’s and Gippsland Grammar Community. Each student who is leaving us will receive a copy of the Dr Seuss book ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ as a memory of their time at our School. Staff member Anna English has taught at St Anne’s for past few years and she has built positive relationships with the St Anne’s community; we wish her all the best in her next adventure. Next week, we will officially say thank you and farewell to Mrs Sheryn Ray. Mrs Ray has been an integral member of our Gippsland Grammar community for more than 25 years, wearing various hats as a parent, classroom teacher and Deputy Head of Campus. Her contributions have played a significant role in preserving the cherished traditions of St Anne's. We continued our tradition of retiring long-serving staff members planting a tree in our crab apple grove. Sheryn planted a special tree near the bottom oval after her special farewell. On behalf of Gippsland Grammar, I would like to thank you all of our departing students and staff and wish them the best.

2024 St Anne’s Staff
Head of St Anne’s Campus: Mr Jie Van Berkel
Deputy Head of Junior School: Mrs Julie Jago
ELC Director: Mrs Lisa Burgess
School Chaplain: Revd Tim Gaden
Head of Learning: Mrs Sophie Keen
Team Leaders: Mrs Nicky Roberts & Mrs Rebekah Tayler
Executive Assistant to Head of St Anne’s Campus: Mrs Kelly Braden
Co-curricular and Campus Operations: Mrs Ged Caldwell
Receptionist and Student Services: Mrs Mackenzie Donaldson

Classroom Teachers
Foundation Bass: Mrs Bree Norman
Foundation Mawson: Mrs Anna Marshall
Year 1 Bradman: Mrs Sophie Keen and Miss Brittney Kuch
Year 1 McCubbin: Miss Kate Burgess
Year 2 Barton: Ms Michelle Jolley
Year 2 Chisholm: Mrs Rebekah Tayler and Mrs Jodi Swan
Year 3 Flynn: Mrs Kristen Rich and Mrs Jodi Swan
Year 3 Tasman: Mrs Nicky Roberts and Mrs Liz Dawson
Year 4 Freeman: Mrs Katie Howard and Mrs Jacki Schuback
Year 4 Kingsford-Smith: Mrs Shauna Drew and Mrs Jacki Schuback
Year 5 Cuthbert: Mrs Lauren Meredith
Year 5 Hollows: Ms Lisa Goode and Mrs Julie Jago
Year 6 Goolagong: Miss Sarah Wheeler
Year 6 Mackellar: Mrs Toni Hutton

Specialist Teachers
Art: Mrs Louise Hulls
Japanese: Mrs Etsuko Boulton
Library: Mrs Eliz Noble
Music: Mrs Katie Germaine and Miss Laura Evans
Digital Technology: Mr Evan Lamb
Physical Education: Mrs Simone Langshaw and Mr Evan Lamb

Enrichment and Learning Support
Learning Support Coordinator and Teacher: Mrs Linda Cooper-Lothian
Learning Support Teacher: Mrs Michelle Sands
Learning Assistants: Mrs Louise Anderson, Ms Vanessa Walsh, Mrs Chaille Murrin, Mrs Leah Leeson, Mrs Rachel Morgan and Mrs Jeanne Joubert
Enrichment Teachers: Mr Evan Lamb and Mrs Julie Jago

Nationals success for Henri Duggan
We were thrilled to hear of the success of Year 5 student Henri Duggan at the National Track and Field Championship at Launceston last week. Henri placed fourth in his heat of the 11-year-old boys in the 200m with a time of 27.65 narrowly missing the final and finishing 12th overall. Henri also competed in the 800m event qualifying for the final with a new PB of 2:19.95, beating his previous PB by 5 seconds. Henri finished in eighth place in the final, which saw him take home a ribbon. Henri was also part of the Gold Medal Team in the Sprint Medley in which he ran the 200m leg.
Henri’s mum Sonia said: “getting a gold medal at Nationals will remain very special to Henri for the near future; however, as parents, the highlight of this experience was witnessing our shy Henri blossom, grow confident over the week and make new friends.”

Our Valedictory will take place next Thursday December 7. Our annual Valedictory Fellowship stands as a noteworthy rite-of-passage for our Year 6 students, offering a chance for both the students and their families to reflect. I am assured that as these Year 6 students grow older, their Valedictory and time at St Anne’s will remain etched in their memories, becoming a source of fond recollection of their schooling. Please note this event will begin at 10.30am at Lorna Sparrow Hall.

School Reports
Your child’s 2023 end of year written report will be available on VOS from 4pm on Thursday December 7. The report includes a personal development comment, indicates current learning habits and has a scaled score for each curriculum area. For further evidence supporting the score, please refer to your child’s relevant continuous reporting comments on VOS. A continuous reporting approach through VOS will ensure that you are informed about your child’s progress more regularly. Through this process, students and parents receive feedback and suggestions for improvement on a more regular basis each term. If you are not able to log into VOS for any reason, it is essential that you contact our IT Support team. You can do this by emailing or via phone on 51436364.

Finally, I would like to wish all families a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Jie Van Berkel

Head of St Anne's Campus