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Aug 4, 2023 | St Anne’s Campus news

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We could not have asked for better weather for our annual House Athletics Carnival which was held at our School’s Garnsey Campus on Wednesday. This successful event gives our students the opportunity to showcase personal excellence, respect and sportsmanship. For me, it was the smiles, willingness to participate and overall excitement that made the day so special. The smooth running of the day was achieved through strong collaboration among staff, parents, and Garnsey student helpers. The carnival highlights the community we are proud to be a part of, fostering a spirit of togetherness and support. A huge thank you to Simone Langshaw and Evan Lamb for organising the day. Congratulations to Tisdall-Hotham for the winning House, and to the following students who won age champions:
Under 9: Tabitha Coggan and Campbell Sellars
Under 10: Lucy McDonnell and Tom Williamson
Under 11: Charlotte Greenwell and Henri Duggan
Under 12: Erin Smith and Patrick Baggaley

Last Friday (July 28) we had the privilege of celebrating our annual St Anne's Day, which is a day filled with pride, tradition and nostalgia. The event brought together Old Scholars, current students and distinguished guests to commemorate the rich history and culture of our School. It also gives our Old Scholars the opportunity to reconnect with their school days, renew friendships, and share memories.

Among the honoured guests was Sally Friend, a remarkable individual and one of the many proud representatives of Gippsland Grammar's legacy. Sally shared her experiences as a former boarder at the school, highlighting the special bonds and cherished memories she formed during her time here. As a part of a remarkable tradition, Sally is one of four generations of her family to have attended Gippsland Grammar alongside with her aunt, children and grandchildren, which is a testament to the values and opportunities our school provides.

The stories shared by the Old Scholars and the wisdom imparted by esteemed guests like Sally Friend, Bishop Richard and Principal Michele Wakeham, encourages our students to be active contributors to the ever-growing legacy of Gippsland Grammar.

The active P&F committee is a dedicated group that actively works to support and strengthen the community and it organises various events and initiatives to achieve this goal. This afternoon’s student disco, held at the Lorna Sparrow Hall, will provide an enjoyable experience for the students and is a good example of this. Additionally, the team successfully managed the BBQ during the athletics carnival on Wednesday, showcasing their commitment to enhancing community activities. I would like to thank our P&F committee for their ongoing commitment and support.

We are thrilled to announce the opening of two new outdoor spaces on our campus. These areas have been designed to provide our students with ample opportunities to be physically active, where our students can develop their social skills, engage in cooperative play, and build lasting friendships.

Gaga Ball is similar to the more-familiar schoolyard game of ‘Poison Ball’, however students play Gaga within an octogon and try and hit a ball into the legs of other students. It sounds simple, but the game is full of strategy and skill! Our Student Representative Council has driven our new Gaga Ball pits through fundraising, planning and construction. A huge thank you to Mr Morgan, Mr Tait and Mr Langshaw for their assistance in building this new addition to our playground over the school holidays.

Finally our giant slide is open for business! All of our students (and most of our staff) have enjoyed the thrill of this new addition to the playground. We have used natural materials to create a space that students can safely take risks and challenge themselves. The slide has been a long-term project supported by our active P&F committee.

We value the partnership between our school and parents in nurturing the academic and personal development of our students. As part of our commitment to open communication, parent-teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday August 29 and Wednesday August 30. This is an excellent opportunity for parents and guardians to meet with teachers, discuss their child's progress, and explore ways to support their learning journey. Parents will be able to book in their interview times via VOS in the coming weeks. Please refer to VOS for more information.

Finally, a reminder to keep checking our VOS calendar for important upcoming events.

Jie Van Berkel

Head of St Anne's Campus